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Show: 47 Ronin

Position: Lead Environment TD

  • Creation of set extensions and environment establishing shots.
  • Work with modelling and texturing departments for asset builds.
  • Lead Lookdev TD for all set extensions using physically plausible shading , full GI and the Arnold renderer.
  • Lead Lighting TD for all set extension and environment establishing shots. Lead a team of artists to light and render the ~250 environment shots.
  • Create a tree scattering tool to layout and render hundreds of trees using Maya and custom Framestore tools.


Show: Johnny English Reborn

Position: Lead Environment TD

  • CG environment creation
  • Working with VFX and CG supervisors to create the post-viz for the sequence.
  • Create a coherent layout for the entire sequence, establishing pace and environment transition from a location at the beginning and end of the sequence.
  • Create pipeline tools and techniques for the sequence, including tree layout and rendering.
  • Work with modelling and texturing to create the assets.
  • Create lookdev for all assets.
  • Lead a team of TDs to light and render the sequence.
  • Create DMP projection setups, working with DMP and comp departments.


Show: Angels & Demons

Position: CG supervisor

  • Script breakdown and previz.
  • Shoot supervision.
  • On set photography.
  • Supervise matchmove team.
  • Supervise the modeling and texturing teams.
  • Create all lookdev and master lighting.
  • Supervise lighting team.
  • Work closely with VFX supervisor and comp team.


Show: Clash of the Titans

Position: Sequence Lead Environment TD



Mount Olympus interior set replacement.

  • On set photography.
  • Lookdev of interior walls and roof.
  • Master lighting set ups for interior environment.
  • Lead a team of lighters for the sequence.
  • On set photography.
  • Layout of environment for the sequence.
  • Environment rough lighting render.
  • DMP projection set up for all shots.
  • Lava animation where required.
  • On set photography.
  • Leading a team of modelling and texturing artists to create the set extension asset.
  • Create all lookdev and master lighting set ups.
  • Lead a team of lighters.

Show: Rome

Position: Lead Generalist TD


  • Adding marching soldiers behind 4 rows of extras.
  • Matchmove.
  • Modelling, texturing, rigging and animation of soldiers and horses.


Show: The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian

Position: Lighting TD


  • Light several shots which ranged from hero characters to crowds of dozens of characters.


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